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This feature is made available to PRO members of
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Viral Traffic Extreme Advertising Options Promote your web site here at Viral Traffic Extreme. With Viral Traffic Extreme, there are 2 different ways that you can promote your product or web site. We have options that cater to a variety of advertising needs. These options give you the opportunity to take advantage of the large number of users and the visitors that use the site daily.

What is Promote-Your-Business.net and how do I become a Pro Member?
Promote-Your-Business.net is a full featured URL rotator service that offers Pro members the ability to rotate unlimited URL's, through unlimited rotators for the cost of only $4.95 per month.
In addition to those features you have the ability, free of charge, to place text and banner advertisements on both this site and within the Promote-Your-Business members area.
You can also make a tidy some of money as you are paid a commission for every Pro member that you recruit.
If you are serious about making money on the Internet, then you will need a URL rotator, and with the added advertising features that Pro membership brings, you simply can't go wrong.

Click here to find out how a Promote-Your-Business.net URL Rotator can save you time and make you money!

Important Notes for both Banner & Sponsor Ad submissions:
After you have entered your information, click the "Preview" button.
Once you have clicked the "Preview" button, and are happy with the results on that page, you will notice that there is a field to select either Pay Pal or Payza. Do not be concerned with that. You will not be charged. Just complete the required information and click the "Submit Order" button.
When you have done that, you will be brought to a new screen which says: "Make you payment now and we will activate your banner/sponsors ad after approving payment..."Just close out of this window. Once again you will not be charged and I will then approve the banner manually. However, please understand that approval may take up to 48 hours.

Click here for a tutorial on Banner Advertising.

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For Sponsor Ads Advertisement!!

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We reserve the right to reject any advertisement in the case of any dissatisfaction regarding the advertising contents or websites to be displayed.
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